Use of orthoses, made of a silicon material, in rehabilitation of children with orthopaedic manifestations of neurological diseases

Iryna Khmelevskaya, Irina Solntseva, Irina Chernyshova, Oleksandr Lukovenko, Oksana Litvinenko


In this work its authors demonstrated use of elastic orthoses made of Thermosil silicone material in rehabilitation of children with a pathological setting of extremities owing to orthopedic-neurological diseases. Variants of designs of Thermosil orthoses for different types of pathologies are given. The article contains results of clinical and biomechanical examinations of patients with neurological diseases; these examinations revealed improvements in the weight-bearing capacity and stability of impaired extremities and in the walking pattern, as well as correction of a pathological setting of extremities, decrease of spasticity of muscles in the upper and lower extremities and performance of the supporting function in case of weakened muscles.


flexible orthoses; pathological position of limbs; "thermosil"


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