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Author Guidelines

The Editorial Office of the Journal The Orthopaedics, Traumatology and Prostheticstakes articles for publication in the Ukrainian, Russian and English languages.An article should be submitted in two copies, each of them being signed by all the authors, and accompanied by a letter of referral from the institution, where the work was made, as well as by an expert’s report. The above letter and report are to be certified with a seal.

The information on competitive interests (financial support, grants, etc.) should be provided in the work-paper.

It is necessary to e-mail or to enclose an electronic version of the manuscript.

The article should be printed on standard A4 sheets with double line spacing, font TNR 14.The title sheet should contain the authors’full names, the name of the article, the full name of the institution(s), the city and country. The information about the authors (contact telephone, e-mail, scientific degree) should be provided on a separate sheet. 

An abstract of the article (about 2200 characters) should be submitted in the Ukrainian, Russian and English languages. It should describe the purpose (tasks) of the work, its materials and methods, results of the research, and conclusions.The article should be followed by key words (3-8 word combinations) in the appropriate language.

The length of the article should not exceed 10 pages of the printed text for an original article, 15 pages for a digest, and be up to 5 pages for short reports, case-studies and technical proposals and theses. Original articles should have the following parts: introduction, materials and methods, results and their discussion, conclusions, references.

Experimental and clinical researches, presented for publication, must be approved by a local committee on bioethics (in the part “Materials and Methods” the full name of the committee, the number and the date of  the protocol should be indicated). The article should place the information that the informed consent is got from the patients who are the objects for researches.

Illustrations (not more than 5) should be submitted in an electronic form. Each figure should be in a separate *.tiff file with resolution not less than 300 dpi, line drawings having at least 600 dpi. The Editorial Office does not accept any illustrations, put in a Word document. Graphs, diagrams and photographs should be clear and fit for reproduction. It is necessary to indicate the place for the picture in the text. The magnification range should be indicated in the caption to photomicrographies.Tables, if more than one, are to be numbered. They should have names, describing their contents. The place of the table and its ordinal number should be indicated in the text.

Physical values are to be designated according to the International System of Units (SI system). Terms should be unified in compliance with the Nomina Anatomica and Nomina Histologica.Special symbols, including names of companies and equipment, are to be given in their original transcription. Abbreviations should be deciphered, when the terms are used for the first time, and remain unchanged all over the text.

References to literature sources are given in the text in square brackets. A list of the reference literature is given on a separate sheet in the alphabetical order or according to the order of references in the text.The bibliographical description should be arranged in compliance with the State Standard of Ukraine 7.1:2006, which has been effective since July 1, 2007.

The authors should duplicate their full names, е-mail, the place of employment, key words and the list of references in the English language in order to be cited in scientometric databases.

Besides scientific articles, the Journal publishes materials on history of medicine, debatable articles on different problems of the specialty branch, information about congresses and symposia, articles on exchange of experiences, referee reports, advertising materials, biographical data, information about anniversaries, obituaries, etc. These materials do not require any letter of referral from an institution and an expert’s report.

All articles are subjected to compulsory reviews (the detailed process is provided  on An article can be given back to its authors for revision and refinement. The Editorial Office retains the right to make scientific and stylistic corrections as well as to abridge the material without any change in the article essence.

No articles, published before or sent simultaneously to another journal (collected book), are accepted by the Editorial Office.  Authors are not paid any royalties.

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Copyright Notice

The authors retain the right of authorship of their manuscript and pass the journal the right of the first publication of this article, which automatically become available after 6 months from the date of publication under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution License, which allows others to freely distribute the published manuscript with mandatory linking to authors of the original research and the first publication of this one in this journal.

Authors have the right to enter into a separate supplemental agreement on the additional non-exclusive distribution of manuscript in the form in which it was published by the journal (i.e. to put work in electronic storage of an institution or publish as a part of the book) while maintaining the reference to the first publication of the manuscript in this journal.

The editorial policy of the journal allows authors and encourages manuscript accommodation online (i.e. in storage of an institution or on the personal websites) as before submission of the manuscript to the editorial office, and during its editorial processing because it contributes to productive scientific discussion and positively affects the efficiency and dynamics of the published manuscript citation (see The Effect of Open Access).


Privacy Statement

Information about authors, which present journal site's users, will be used solely for the tasks of website for correct indexing of articles in various full-text and abstract databases, connected with the subject of the magazine. This information will not be shared.