Plagiarism and self-plagiats

Counteraction of plagiarism

Orthopedics, Traumatology and Prosthetics magazine accepts original materials that have not been published earlier and have not been submitted to other magazines.

The authors are responsible for the authenticity of the manuscript. Texts in which plagiarism or text borrowing without references to the primary source are deviated from publishing in the journal.

The editorial board of Orthopedics, Traumatology and Prosthetics Carefully analyzes the materials that come about plagiarism or self -plagiarism. If plagiarism or text borrowing is revealed by reviewers or editors at any stage before the manuscript publication, the author (authors) warns about the need to make a reference to the source.

Plagiarism verification policy

The reviewer concludes that plagiarism is concluded when working out the article.

The editor-in-chief, referring to a review, can assign a computer program. The percentage of plagiarism is calculated by the software and then estimated by the editorial board.

Recommendations for avoiding plagiarism

  • Use paws in the case of literal citation
  • Do not change the parts of quotes in the context of your own text
  • Use three dots (space and three dots) for a part of the omitted quote
  • Limit the use of direct quotes

    The authors are responsible for obtaining copyright permission to reproduce illustrations, tables, drawings taken from other authors and/or sources. The resolution should be placed at the bottom under each element. Publication of clinical recommendations or translation articles in more than one journal is possible, but only with the written consent of copyright owners (authors, journal), with the submission in the same interpretation and necessarily with the same indicators as the primary source.

    The submission of the same material to several magazines is unacceptable and unethical.


    The authors can use previously published materials that are hardly changed. However, it should be remembered that each manuscript is copyrighted after its publication. If the author does not have the rights to published materials, they should not be repeated. The author cannot copy his own material for the new manuscript without the permission of the copyright owner.