Doppler ultrasound and CT angiography in the diagnosis of structural and functional abnormalities in vertebrobasilar pool


  • Oleg Vyrva
  • Andrey Vishnyakov
  • Yaroslav Doluda
  • Lyubov Mischenko



dopplerography, vertebral arteries, vertebrobasilar insufficiency, CT angiography


Instrumental work-up of the structural-functional condition of vertebrobasilar pool vessels in syndromic vertebrobasilar insuf­ficiency (SVI) for the determination of precise causative factor is the actual question because of choice of treatment tactic that de­pends on it.

Purpose: to define diagnostic facilities of doppler ul­trasound and CT angiography for the structural-functional dis­turbance revealing in the vertebral arteries with SVI.

Methods: we examined 164 patients with the clinical sings of SVI syndrome. During the examination of vertebrobasilar pool vessels, it has been paid attention to their course, size, possibility, clearance condition.

Results: asymmetry of maximal systolic bloodstream speed in the vertebral arteries over 30 % was the persistent sign in 155 (94.5 %) patients. Objective criteria of the spinal unit damage were found in 124 (75.6 %) patients, and in 31 (18.9 %) these signes were not found, but anatomical peculiarities of the vertebral arteries were revealed — hypolasia, tortousity, that determined clinical symptoms of SVI. In 9 patients (5.5 %) objec­tive data of structural-functional disturbance in vertebral arteries was not found. In four (2.4 %) out of them contrast brain vessels CT examination revealed building anomalies in the cir­cle of Willis accompanied with clinical symptoms of SVI. In other 5 (3.1 %) patients SVI symptoms masked brain neurological diseases.

Conclusions: features of the qualitative and quantitive measurement characteristics are defined of vertebral arteries bloodstream in the visualization of their anatomic building peculiarities, that allows to reveal pathological hemodynamic changes in vertebrobasilar pool resulting into SVI syndrome de­velopment in the cervical spine.


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