Regeneration of intervertebral disc by way using of allogeneic chondrocytes cultivated in vitro in the light of concept for restabilization of the spine(experimental investigation)




intervertebral disc, al¬logenic chondrocytes transplantation, regeneration


The intervertebral disc (ID) has low reparative capacity. In this regard, researcher aimed at improving the capacity of the re­parative structures are carried out. A variety of growth factors, mesenchymal stem cells, autologous and allogenic chondrocytes, etc are used for this purposes.

Objective: to study the structure of the traumatized intervertebral disc after transplantation of allogenic chondroсуtes in combination with spinal restabiliza­tion using method of dynamic spine neutralization of vertebral motion unit (VMU). Methods for optimizing ID regeneration in the rat tail vertebral segment we selected high-density culture of chondrocytes obtained from the limb bud 7–10 day old rat embryos in which cells retain cartilaginous phenotype and gen­otype was confirmed by electron microscopy. Performed four se­ries of experiments: I — intact animals, II — ID injury (control), III — traumatic ID injury with dynamic neutralization (method G. Dubois et al, 1999), IV — ID injury with dynamic neutraliza­tion and transplantation of chondrocytes. One month the opera­tion the animals were euthanized, and a comparative morpho­logical analysis with morphometry was carried out.

Results: it found that uncontrolled movements in the injured VMU lead to destructive changes in the ID. In terms of restabilization and dy­namic neutralization of the vertebral motor segment ID has been replaced by connective tissue, its height reduced. Chondrocyte culture is different from the fibrous ring and nucleus pulposus cells. However, with the introduction of chondrocytes in the in­jured ID and maintaining the controlled mobility of the VMU the proliferation of hyaline cartilage in its peripheral parts has been noted.

Conclusion: combination of allogeneic chondro­cytes transplantation into disk and dynamic neutralization leads to the formation of hyaline cartilage territories and maintains the height of the injured ID.


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