Modern views at humeri-scapular pain syndrome (literature review)


  • Svetlana Іakovenko
  • Igor Kotulskiy



shoulder joint, frozen shoulder pain syndrome, diagnostics, ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging


The article is dedicated to the definition of shoulder pain (SP) in medical science and practice. It is believed that SP is a polyetiological symptoms type. It is noted that the pain in the shoulder in 85 % is associated with the pathology of musculoskeletal structures in the area of the shoulder joint, and the true neurogenic pathology appears relatively infrequently (no more than 8–10 % of all patients with pain in the shoulder area). There are abnormal tendons surrounding the joint muscles, affection of clavicular-acromial joint (degenerative, traumatic), diffuse lesion of the joint capsule, subacromial syndrome, impaction of sudeltoid-subacromial bursa and peripheral nerves. It is also the cause of the pain may be changes in the cervical and thoracic spine. In ICD-10 all periarticular lesion presented as separate clinical entities: tendini­tis of the rotator cuff muscles (indicating a specific muscle) biceps tendinitis, calcific tendinitis, tears (partial or complete) of mus-cle tendons of the shoulder joint area. Analyzed and summarized the main approaches to the clinical evaluation of patients with SP. It is shown that the clinical symptoms of SP pain develop gradually, with localization on the front, side and less on the posterior surface. It was found that the most informative instrumental methods in the diagnosis of patients with SP along with radiographs are computer-spiral and magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasonography (US). With the help of ultrasound one may conduct initial clinical assessment of the state of patients with complaints of pain in the shoulder joint. Laboratory methods for evaluation of pati-ents with SP limited and not widespread in medical practice, which requires further study.


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