The effectiveness of the different schemes of complex conservative treatment of animals with induced knee arthritis


  • Vasyl Makolinets
  • Svitlana Malyshkina
  • Olga Nikolchenko
  • Tamara Grashchenkova
  • Bogdan Shevtsov
  • Kyrill Makolinets



knee joint arthritis model, rats, laser therapy, pharmacotherapy, morphology, biochemestry


The effectiveness of conservative treatment in patients with knee joint arthritis can be enhanced through the use of the linked pharmacological and physical factors. The possibility of comprehensive use of low-intensity laser radiation (LILR) chondroprotectors and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in patients with early knee joint arthritis- depending on the consistency of their application is not well studied. Objective: to study in experimental animals with induced knee joint arthritis effectiveness of different integrated schemes of conservative treatment.

Methods: we conducted experimental studyin 40 white rats aged 6 months. Knee joint arthritis stage I modeled by triple dexamethasone injections (7 mg/kg/m)performed once a week. The rats were divided into six groups depending on the treatment, which included 10 daily sessions of at la-ser therapy (a dose of 0.3 J contact on the knee joint) and per os administration of diclofenac sodium (8 mg/kg) and glucosamine hydrochloride (50 mg/kg) in the different sequences at intervals of 15 minutes. Microscopic examination of articular cartilage and biochemical blood serum analyses (glycoproteins, sialic acid, hondroyitynsulfat-, alkaline phosphatase) were carried out 28 days after the last injection of dexamethasone.

Results: in all rats in the experimental groups structural irregularities in articular cartilage were insignificant compared with the control. In animals after application LILRinitially and subsequent pharmacotherapy, morphological indicatorsof chondrocytes biosynthetic activity were most pronounced, and levels of serum inflammatory markers and alkaline phosphatase activity -were significantly lower than in the control and other research groups.

Conclusion: complex application of LILR with subsequent administration of diclofenac sodium glucosamine hydrochloride results in the most complete recovery of quantitative and structural-metabolic state of chondrocytes of articular cartilage and helps to normalize metabolic biochemical markers of cartilage and bone tissue.


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