Regeneration of bone tissue under implantation of sapphire with titanium coating


  • Volodymyr Filipenko
  • Inna Batura
  • Anatoliy Andreyev
  • Оleksey Marushchak



arthroplasty, osteogenesis, sapphire, titanium coating


Hip replacement is the most effective method of treatment of coxarthrosis of stages III–IV allowing patients to improve quality of life and to restore the ability to work. However, term of service of the prosthesis is limited. Objective: To study regeneration of bone tissue using sapphire implants with titanium coating. Methods: Samples of pure titanium coated sapphire implanted into the distal metaphysis of the femur to 9 white laboratory rats, and without any coating — to 9 animals. At 7, 14 and 30 days after surgery the area of implantation were examined by standard methods of histology with morphometry. Results: Microscopic analysis of zone of the implantation of samples showed the formation of high-grade bone regeneration according to stage-temporal characteristics of reparative osteogenesis. After 7 days connective tissue and young bony trabeculae with high density of osteoblasts on the surface formed around implants. After 14 days in the animals of both groups there was mature connective tissue in the area of defect. The newly formed bone trabeculae in some places fitted snugly to the area of implantation. On the 30th day around zone of implantation we revealed mature bone tissue adherent to the maternal bone. In some areas between the bone and the implant we determined a thin layer of connective tissue. There were not found any toxic effects of the materials used. Morphometric analysis revealed a greater (to 1.99 times) area of bone regeneration around titanium coated sapphire implants compared to uncoated samples. Conclusions: High osteoinductive properties of titanium after implantation into the distal metaphysis of the femur of the rats were confirmed. However, the presence of the connective tissue layer around the testing samples with coating and without it does not allow to say about appearance of a complete bony fusion between the bone and the implant.


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