Clinical and statistical analysis of the hip endoprostheses survival rate


  • Oleksandr Loskutov
  • Oleksandr Oleynik
  • Olena Kovbasa



hip joint arthroplasty, complications, endoprostheses survival rate


Due to the steady growth in the universe of the amount of operations on total hip arthroplasty (THA) an analysis of their outcomes, problems and complications acquires particular relevance. The paper presents a comparative analysis of the 10-year hip endoprostheses survival rate using the method of multiple assessments of Kaplan – Meier based on the type of fixation of the endoprosthesis and the cause for surgeries. The sample is stratified by age and gender. Overall endoprostheses survival rate in 10 years was (96,2 ± 0,67) %. Cementless endoprostheses showed higher values comparing to cemented ones — (97 ± 0,64) and (91,2 ± 2,9) %, respectively. Domestic and imported acetabular components survival rates did not differ significantly. Groups of risk for revision surgery were revealed: there were females aged 21–30 years, males 51–60 years and persons of both genders aged over 70 years. Conclusion: in Ukraine they mostly use cementless endoprosthesis due to their greater survival rate compared with cemented ones. Almost invariably, the proportion of revision surgery due to several reasons in patients at risk.


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