Analysis of publications of ukrainian orthopedic-traumatologists in high-rated medical journals

Olena Baburkina, Oleg Ovchynnikov, Inna Shestakova


Objective: to clarify the status of Ukrainian traumatology and ortopedics as a science by analyzing the quantity and the topic of Ukrainian publications in foreign scientific journals taking into account citation. Methods: publications were analyzed (January 1999 – March 2020) of native orthopedists-traumatologists in electronic scientometric Scopus database and in all journals headings «Orthopedics and Sports Medicine» from the rating Scimago Journal & Country Rank (SJ&CR). Search completed from the first issue of each journal. Results: studies of Ukrainian scientists in the speciality of «Orthopedics and traumatology» were published in 10 of 270 scientific journals (SJ & CR): quartile Q1 — 4, Q2 — 5, Q3 — 1. Topic of publications: 36.3 % in traumatology, 27.2 % — vertebrology and arthroplasty, 9.1 % — epidemiology. In the database Scopus data found 23 doctors of science in «Traumatology and Orthopedics», who had 2 or more publications (authors with a Hirsch index of 0 were not taken into account). Ukrainian institutions were distributed as follows by their number: SI «IPHS named after prof. M. I. Sitenko NAMS» — 7 scientists, GA «ITO NAMN» — 4, National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education named after P. L. Shupik — 2, State Institution «Institute of Gerontology named after D. F. Chebotareva NAMS Ukraine» — 2, the rest — one at a time. Conclusions: there were only 11 publications of Ukrainian scientists in «Orthopedics and Traumatology» journals at the SJ & CR website for the period 1999–2019. In the NDB Scopus, much more works are published, but not all of them are cited, which reflects the authors Hirsch index. Preparing an article for publication,it should be take into consideration that the most cited publications were, where the authors present guidelines, the results of multicenter studies, clinical trials, the study of new materials for use n orthopedics and traumatology. Also, the citation of works increases if they are published in the journals with quartiles Q1 and Q2.


orthopedics; traumatology; electronic scientometric databases; Ukrainian scientists; scientific articles


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