Osteosynthesis of extremity bones in patients with post-traumatic ischaemia during different periods of their ischaemic process


  • Sergey Strafun
  • Olexey Dolgopolov
  • Andrey Tkach




local hypertensive ischemic syndrome, ischemic contracture, ischemia, fracture, osteosynthesis, complications


The article analyses results of osteosynthesis of extremity bones in conditions of post-traumatic ischaemia in 94 patients. Indications for treating fractures with a definite technique of osteosynthesis were elaborated depending upon the period of the ischaemic process and the degree of ischaemia severity. Thus, in local hypertensive ischaemic syndrome, excellent results of treatment were obtained with external fixation by means of device techniques; consolidations of fractures were achieved in 75 % of cases. When treating complications of fracture consolidation during the acute and reactive-restorative periods of ischaemic contracture, preference was given to device techniques of fixation and osteosynthesis with plates, thereby making it possible to restore bone integrity in 100 % of cases. Complex bone deformities during the residual period of ischaemic contracture were mostly treated by means of combined osteosynthesis.


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