An influence of the parathyroid hormone on metabolic processes in severe glucocorticoid osteoporosis

Sergey Zolotukhin, Hasan Aussie, Mykola Shpachenko, Yury Kryuk, Dmitry Pyrko


The article contains data on the modelling of experimental glucocorticoid osteoporosis. Severe, moderate and mild osteoporoses were diagnosed by X-ray criteria. In order to assess degrees of metabolic disturbances in osteoporosis, 11 biochemical indices were reduced to a single scale of values with reference to the control level and studied. Teriparatide, injected subcutaneously at a dose of 5 mcg/kg, was used for the treatment. It was revealed, that Teriparatide inhibited the pathological process, which had already developed, and produced a restorative effect in osteoporosis. This kind of its action, synchronous with withdrawal of Prednisolon, reduced metabolic processes, eventually increasing the life-span of the rats with osteoporosis. Taking into account a positive influence of Teriparatide on metabolism, an effect of the stimulation of osteoblast activity in the drug action mechanism may be assumed. Hence, Teriparatide in glucocorticoid osteoporosis had an expressed therapeutic effect manifested by a reduction of metabolic disturbances and an increase in the life-span of the rats.


glucocorticoid osteoporosis; Teriparatide


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