Radiological assessment of experimental mono-segmental posterior-lateral lumbar fusion using autologous platelet rich fibrin

Volodymyr Radchenko, Alexandr Palkin, Vera Kolesnichenko


The results of the use of autologous platelet-rich fibrin, for pos­terolateral lumbar spinal fusion are discussed.

Objective: to evaluate the radiographic signs of experimental posterolateral lumbar spine fusion using fibrin-rich platelets.

Methods: mono segmental posterolateral lumbar spinal fusion performed in 42 adult male California rabbits aged 4–5 months, which were divided into 6 groups of 7 animals each. In the control group 1 grafts were not used in group 2 used the local autograft, group 3 — local autograft combined with fibrin-rich platelets, 4 — al­lograft of ilium, 5 — allograft from ilium combined with fibrin-rich platelets, 6 — fibrin-rich platelets.

Results: revealed ra­diographic characteristics of posterolateral osteoplastic fusion, namely the formation of continuous trabecular bone in the area of spinal fusion, preserved height of interbody gaps, homoge­nous structure of newly formed bone, increasing the intensity of X-ray images in fusion masses. In radiometric studies iden­tified more intensive bone density block of rabbits in groups 3 and 5, as well as forming a homogeneous bone accretion in group 6.

Conclusions: groups of rabbits with osteoplastic spinal fusion detected radiographic signs of bone formed block in 77.1 % of cases in the control decortication group of trans­verse processes — in 57.1 %. Results of roentgenometric zone fusion evaluation suggest that autologous platelet rich fibrin, promotes strong bone accretion.


experimental pos¬terolateral lumbar spinal fusion; rabbits; local autograft; allograft; autologous platelet rich fibrin


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