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No 2 (2012) Additional methods for testing the short extensor of the thumb Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Sergey Goloborod'ko
No 3 (2013) Adsorptive-rheological properties of synovial fluid in patients with gonarthrosis Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Oleg Syniachenko, Lanna Lukashenko, Kateryna Golovkyna
No 2 (2016) Advancements for an approved component positioning in hip arthroplasty with navigation technique Abstract   PDF
Grifka Joachim
No 3 (2015) Age features of mineral density and quality of bone tissue in men Abstract   PDF (Українська)
Vladyslav Povorozniuk, Anna Mysiienko, Nataliya Dzerovych
No 1 (2017) Age related content of different tissues in the lumbar spine paravertebral muscles with degenerative diseases Abstract
Volodymyr Radchenko, Artem Skidanov, Dmytro Morozenko, Yuriy Zmiyenko, Lyubov Mischenko, Marina Nessonova
No 4 (2011) Age-specific peculiarities in fractures of the distal radial epimetaphysis Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Leonid Naumenko, Oleg Pogrebnoy, Olexiy Vinnik
No 1 (2015) Alexander Nikolayevich Polivoda Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Staff of "Odessa National Medical University"
No 2 (2010) Alexandr Yevgenyevich Loskutov Abstract   PDF (Українська)
Staff of DMA
No 3 (2011) Alfacalcidol in treatment of osteoporosis and prevention of osteoporotic fractures Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Mykola Korzh, Ninel Dedukh, Yevgeny Pobel
No 2 (2015) Allograft-prosthesis composite for surgical treatment in patients with malignant tumors of the long bones (review) Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Oleg Vyrva, Olga Golovina, Roman Malyk
No 1 (2009) Alloplasty for bone defects resulting from the removal of benign tumours and tumour-like lesions Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Ivan Marin, Nikolay Kaprosh, Nikolay Mihul, Vera Vukolova, Ivan Baciu, Viktor Orlov
No 1 (2013) Alphacalcidol in bone regeneration Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Mykola Korzh, Ninel Dedukh, Lidia Goridova, Yevgeny Pobel, Konstantin Romanenko, Yaroslav Doluda
No 2 (2010) An abnormally deep palmar muscle: a case description Abstract   PDF (Українська)
Sergey Goloborod'ko, Mykhaylo Vasilinets
No 4 (2011) An algorithm for giving medical aid in multiple road accident injuries in rural conditions at an early hospital stage Abstract   PDF (Українська)
Volodymyr Shischuk
No 3 (2010) An algorithm for multimodality treatment of children with osteodestructive processes in the temporomandibular joint accompanied by deformities of the facial skeleton Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Alexandr Liubchenko
No 2 (2011) An algorithm for restoring their vertical posture and movements in patients with neuromuscular damages Abstract   PDF (Українська)
Irina Chernyshova, Stanislav Shevchenko
No 2 (2013) An algorithmized system for optimizing diagnosis in patients with osteoarthrosis of large joints Abstract   PDF (Українська)
Volodymyr Filipenko, Frieda Leontyeva, Vladyslav Tuliakov, Kyrill Makolinets
No 4 (2009) An algorithmized system of diagnosis and treatment for a congenital hip dislocation and subluxation in children Abstract   PDF (Українська)
Oleksandr Korolkov
No 4 (2010) An analysis of children’s traumatism in the Republic of Uzbekistan Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Ruzimboy Rakhmanov
No 4 (2010) An apparatus for external osteosynthesis of fractures in the distal one-third of the humerus Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Oleksandr Bodnya, Vyacheslav Slavov, Sergey Krivenko
No 1 (2009) An artificial foot for prosthesing invalids Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Leonid Vatolinskiy, Oleksandr Lukovenko, Iryna Khmelevskaya, Lyubov Shchetinina, Lyudmila Belevtsova
No 1 (2011) An assessment of the clinical efficacy of Alflutop in the process of treating of patients with knee joint osteoarthrosis and a study of its effect on the articular cartilage by MRI data Abstract   PDF (Українська)
Oleksandr Buryanov, Iryna Dykan, Lyudmyla Mironiak, Olexiy Riabikin, Volodymyr Kvasha, Yuriy Sobolevskiy, Taras Omelchenko
No 2 (2009) An experience of the plasty of extremity bone defects in young children with tubostitis Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Mykola Gritsay, Ivan Vernigora, Anatoly Levitsky, Oleksandr Linenko, Nadejda Kisel, Vasil Tsokalo
No 2 (2010) An experience of using Rivaroxaban (Xarelto®) in the treatment of lower extremity fractures Abstract   PDF (Українська)
Vladislav Palamarchuk, Konstantin Bulavin
No 2 (2009) An experimental biomechanical study of variants of monosegmental cervicospondylodesis and their effects on the adjacent vertebral motor segments Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Oleksandr Barysh
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