No 1 (2019)

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Five years of experience in using of navigation system in spine surgery PDF (Русский)
Volodymyr Radchenko, Oleksandr Barkov, Artem Skidanov 5-13
Degenerative changes of sacro-iliac joint in patients with lumbar LV–S1 spine fusion PDF (Русский)
Volodymyr Staude, Yevgenya Radzishevska, Ruslan Zlatnyk 14-18
Optimization of treatment of patients with tuberculosis spondylitis PDF (Українська)
Grigoriy Golka, Volodymyr Vesnin, Volodymyr Burlaka, Anton Oliynyk, Oleg Fadeyev 19-24
Dynamic of functional parameters of cardio-vascular system in patients with vertebrogenic pathology after body position changes PDF (Русский)
Mykola Lyzohub, Igor Kotulskiy, Natalya Moskalenko, Victoriia Pishchik 25-30
Modern approach to the rehabilitation of patients with joint disabilities due to gunshot injuries of the musculoskeletal system PDF (Українська)
Mykola Korzh, Volodymyr Tankut, Olena Shevchenko 31-37
Differentiated approach to the choice of the acetabular component at total hip replacement in patients with dysplastic hip arthritis PDF (Русский)
Oleg Loskutov, Oleksandr Loskutov, Ksenia Furmanova 38-44
The results of rehabilitation measures in patients with consequences of spine and spinal cord injuries PDF (Українська)
Antonina Saleeva, Stanislav Shevchenko, Iryna Kabanenko, Volodymyr Yutkin 45-50
Errors at the treatment of elbow joint fractures with dislocations PDF (Русский)
Ievgen Matelenok 51-56
Tactical treatment optimization for long bone distal metaepiphysis fractures based on biological principles PDF
Iryna Bets 57-63
Comparative analysis of the results of the posterior cruciate ligament restoration with «inlay» methods and transtibial canal conduction PDF (Русский)
Maksim Golovakha, Inna Didenko, Weniamin Orljanski, Karl Benedetto 64-71
Modular endoprosthetics proximal tibia in case of giant cell tumor PDF (Українська)
Oleg Vyrva, Ivan Skoryk 72-77
Comparative analysis of behavior of the «bone – fixator – endoprosthesis» system for I–III type internal hemipelvectomy reconstruction with and without the use of a metal bar PDF
Viktor Kostiuk, Igor Lazarev, Anatolii Diedkov, Maxim Skiban 78-84
Application of platelet rich plasma in the treatment of pain syndrome in patients with plantar fasciitis PDF (Українська)
Olena Turchin, Lyudmila Osadchaya, Oleksandr Kostrub, Andrey Lyabakh 85-90
Sling therapy as a means of improving the motor ability of children with spastic paraparesis PDF (Українська)
Iryna Chernyshova, Olena Lutsenko, Oleksandr Shkirya, Galina Logvin 91-95


The usage of an individual plate for osteosynthesis at hip joint arthroplasty in a patient with a long-term transacetabular fracture with bone fragments displacement PDF (Русский)
Oleksandr Kosiakov, Konstiantyn Hrebennikov, Andrii Myloserdov, Yevhen Fedin 96-99


Nikolay Ivanovich Khvisyuk PDF (Русский)
Staff KhMAPE 100-101
Igor Volodymyrovych Kotulskyy PDF (Українська)
Staff SISJP NAMS 102-103


Oleg Yuriyovych Yaremchenko PDF (Українська)
Staff KhRCHUAOT 104
Ivan Mykhaylovych Rublenyk PDF (Українська)
Staff BSMU 105-106


Prophylaxis of knee joint contractures after primary knee replacement with kinesiotherapy (metaanalysis and literature review) PDF (Українська)
Volodymyr Filipenko, Vera Kolesnichenko, Volodymyr Mezentsev, Oleksiy Tankut, Zorik Arutunan 107-114


Report on the work of societies and associations of orthopedic traumatologists PDF (Українська)
Volodymyr Filipenko, Svetlana Zolotareva 115-118