No 2 (2017)

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Study of stress and strain state distribution of spinal model in surgical techniques for various techniques for thoracolumbar burst fractures (part two) PDF (Українська)
Volodymyr Radchenko, Kostiantin Popsuishapka, Oleksandr Yaresko 6-13
Biomechanical rationale for acetubalar component selection for total hip replacement in patients with dysplastic coxarthrosis PDF (Русский)
Oleg Loskutov 14-22
Graph analytical study of the possibility of prevention and treatment of dislocation of the hip joint head because of the incorrect position of its components PDF (Українська)
Oleh Ovchynnikov 23-29
Dynamics of biochemical and immunological parameters in patients with malignant and benign tumors of the thoracic and lumbar spine PDF (Українська)
Mykola Korzh, Volodymyr Radchenko, Frieda Leontyeva, Volodymyr Kutsenko, Bogdan Shevtsov, Andrey Popov 30-34
Weight-bear specifics in patients with post traumatic extraarticular femoral and tibial fractures (statographic research) PDF (Українська)
Konstantin Romanenko, Yaroslav Doluda, Mykhaylo Karpinsky, Dmytro Prozorovsky 35-44
Radiological assessment of experimental mono-segmental posterior-lateral lumbar fusion using autologous platelet rich fibrin PDF (Русский)
Volodymyr Radchenko, Alexandr Palkin, Vera Kolesnichenko 45-51
Radiometric parameters of the sacrum and pelvis, affecting the spine and pelvic balance in the frontal plane, in healthy volunteers PDF (Русский)
Volodymyr Staude, Yevgenya Radzishevska, Ruslan Zlatnyk 52-61
Localization of vascular endothelial growth factor and transforming growth factor-β in tissues in perifractural zone after fractures of long bones of limbs in humans PDF (Українська)
Vitaliy Grigoryev, Olexey Popsuishapka, Nataliya Ashukina, Fedor Galkin 62-69
Experimental and histological study of reparative osteogenesis in conditions of different methods of fixation during allograft alocompositive arthroplasty of long bones PDF (Українська)
Oleg Vyrva, Yanina Golovina, Roman Malyk, Zinayda Danishchuk, Olga Nikolchenko 70-77
Joint replacement in patients with consequence of non-reduced hip joint fracture-dislocations PDF (Українська)
Volodymyr Filipenko, Stanislav Bondarenko, Sergey Khmyzov, Anatoliy Zhygun, Anastasia Panchenko 78-83
Results of anterior cruciate ligament restoration using «all inside» techniques PDF (Русский)
Maksim Golovakha, Sergiy Krasnoperov, Rostyslav Titarchuk, Ivan Zabielin, Anatoliy Tverdovsky, Weniamin Orljanski 84-91
External fixation device for closed treatment of metacarpal fractures PDF (Русский)
Sergey Goloborod'ko 92-96
Escobar syndrome (multiple pterygium syndrome) associated with osteogenesis imperfecta: a case report PDF
Sergey Khmyzov, Olena Sharmazanova, Nataliya Lysenko, Andrey Pashenko 97-100
Experimental study of antiexudative action of «Venogel 911 with horse chestnut» PDF (Українська)
Andrei Komissarenko, Yulia Avidzba, Valentin Nikolov 101-104


Mikolay Petrovich Novachenko — large seen from a distance (1898–1966 years) PDF (Українська)
Mykola Korzh, Stanislav Shevchenko 105-109


Saleeva Antonina Denisovna PDF (Українська)
UkrNII Рrotezirovania 110-111
Tyazhelov Olexiy Alimovych PDF (Українська)
Staff of SI «SISJP NAMS» 112-113


Experimental-clinical study of carbon biomaterials application in orthopedics and traumatology (literature review) PDF (Русский)
Mykola Korzh, Ninel Dedukh, Olexiy Tyazhelov, Lu Chzhou 114-121
Principles of posterior knee joint instability treatment (literature review) PDF (Русский)
Maksim Golovakha, Inna Didenko, Sergiy Krasnoperov, Rostyslav Titarchuk, Кarl Benedetto, Weniamin Orljanski 122-129
Medical and social consequences of fractures of the proximal femur in elderly and senile subjects (literature review) PDF (Українська)
Vladimir Babalyan, Tamara Hurbanova, Dmytro Cherepov, Оlexander Khvysyuk, Andrii Kalchenko 130-134


Reports PDF (Русский)
Volodymyr Filipenko, Olena Shevchenko 135-141
Reports PDF (Українська)
Mykola Klepach, Oleksandr Smolynskyy 141-144