Use of anchor fixation devices in treatment of patients with an injury of the acromioclavicular joint

Maksim Golovakha, Yuriy Nerianov, Igor Shishka, Oleg Banit, Yuriy Babich, Anatoliy Tverdovsky, Ivan Zabielin


Data of treatment of 12 patients with fresh injuries of ligaments of their acromioclavicular joint are presented. In order to reveal the type of each injury, Rockwood’s classification was used. Strengthening of the coracoclavicular ligament with a titanium anchor fixation device, which had 2 nonabsorbable sutures, was the method of choice. The results showed that the use of the above technique made it possible to decrease the operation traumatism, reduce terms of immobilization and restore the whole range of all movements in the shoulder joint.


acromioclavicular joint; anchor fixation device; injury of ligament; repair of ligament


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