Professor Kulish M. I. — an outstanding representative of Sytenko school of orthopedists and traumatologists (90th anniversary)

Mykola Korzh, Volodymyr Filipenko, Volodymyr Tankut, Anatoliy Zhygun


We review life one of the outstanding personalities in Sy­tenko institute, orthopedic traumatologist, Honored Scientist of Ukraine, State Prize of Ukraine, MD, Professor Mikola Kulish Ivanovich. Life of M.I. Kulish closely related to Slobozhanshchina Sytenko Institutel. Labour childhood and part of 16 years in combat during World war II formed its main traits — courage, bravery, humanity and perseverance. The important point in his life became acquainted with A. A. Korzh, which turned into a multi-year creative collaboration and male friendship. Fully opened, M. I. Kulish talent as a scientist, surgeon and mentor youth in the times of his work in Sytenko Institute. During this period he completed his doctoral dissertation and, conducted multifaceted research and clinical studies on cancer and pelvic surgery of large joints. Mikola Ivanovich performed a unique surgery to remove tumors of the pelvis, the first in Ukraine hip replacement surgery method prof. K. Sivash, developed the basic principles of reconstructive surgery of large joints that remain relevant today. M. Kulish — author of 3 books, 250 scientific pa­pers, 20 patents for inventions. Under the direction of Professor M. Kulish graduated by more than 20 doctors and candidates of medical sciences. According to the times of the Sytenko Insti­tute prof. M. I. Kulish created a unique school of his followers to form a highly friendly and professional staff in joint pathology clinic. Mikola Kulish will forever remain in our memory as one of the prominent representatives of Sytenko orthopedic and trauma surgery school.


Kharkov school of orthope¬dic and trauma surgery; pelvic tumors; surgery of large joints

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