Effect of Aclasta drug on the structural-functional state of the bone tissue and reparative regeneration processes in conditions of postmenopausal osteoporosis





postmenopausal osteoporosis, repair regeneration, antiresorptive pharmacokinetics


As a result of their experimental study on 32 white young female rats (the animals’ age by the moment of entering the research was 5 months, the body weight was 181 ± 5 g) with use of methods of dental densitometry and histological investigation, the authors demonstrated that administration of Aclasta drug to female rats after ovariectomy and with well-developed osteoporosis during reproduction of a perforating defect caused a reliable rise in indices of mineral density and saturation of the osseous tissue, did not affect the process of reparative regeneration and facilitated formation of an adequate bone regenerate in areas of compact and spongy bones.


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