The use of Xarelto® for preventing venous thromboembolism in patients after arthroplasty of their hip and knee joints

Oleg Vyrva


The article contains results of an analysis of combined data of three basic RECORD (Regulation of Coagulation in major Orthopaedic surgery Reducing risk of DVT and pulmonary embolism) studies: 1, 2 and 3. Their purpose was to reveal efficacy and safety of Rivaroxaban (Xarelto®, manufactured by Bayer Co., Germany) versus Enoxaparin. The study involved patients over 18, whom planned arthroplasty of their knee or hip joint was administered. Randomization covered 9,581 patients in 487 centres of 38 countries. It was found out that the use of Rivaroxaban significantly reduced the rate of thromboembolism. This analysis of combined data demonstrated that the efficacy of Rivaroxaban at a dose of 10 mg once a day, administered at 6-8 hours after the operation, exceeded that of Enoxaparin at a dose of 40 mg once a day. The safety profile of the drugs was comparable. Another advantage of Xarelto® consisted in the absence of any monitoring of parameters of blood coagulation and dose correction. The drug can be used in orthopaedics and traumatology.


orthopaedic surgery; prevention of embolism; anticoagulation

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