Biomechanical aspects of the hip joint loading in cases of dysplastic coxarthrosis


  • Oleksandr Oleynik



model of dysplastic coxarthrosis, hip joint, arthroplasty


Arthroplasty as a method for treatment of hip joint pathology is widely used in patients with dysplastic coxarthrosis. However, the complexity of the disease, a significant proportion of unsatisfactory outcome stipulated the formulation of biomechanical tasks aimed to improvement of the arthroplasty outcomes. Obviously, the degree of error in results of the solution of such problems determined by the level of compliance and adequacy of calculation model. Objective: To develop a model dysplastic coxarthrosis for further analysis of arthroplasties in terms of hip dysplasia. Results: It was showen that in pathogenesis and mechanogemesis of dysplastic defects and deformities of the acetabular component can be identified loads that affect outcomes of arthroplasty. An effect of these components determines the load changes in the shape of the acetabulum, and an outcome of this action appears in bone restructurization in the supraacetabular area. In terms of increasing of the range of muscle stresses in the area of the hip joint and limb shortening these processes deepen. Conclusion: Based on building of a pattern of forces’ distribution in dysplastic defect an orthopaedic surgeon gets an idea about possible implantation of hip component of the endoprosthesis. Wherein after the hip component implantation depending on its position and on stipulation of transmisson of loads directions of vectors of their influence may vary. This solves a long-term forecast of the construct functioning. Since the position of the hip component does not always coincide with variants of planned measures there is a necessity to build a computational model and to assess the impact of stress on the stability of fixation for each option of implant design.


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