Prevention of posttraumatic adhesions around the Achilles tendons in rabbits




Achilles tendon, experiment, traumatic injury, rehabilitation, medications, adhesions


The problem of treatment of tendon injuries remains unresolved despite on the variety of ways for its restoration. Unsatisfactory outcomes after surgical treatment according to different authors range from 15 to 62 %. The most important problem of tendon surgery is restoration of its function of sliding. Objective: To study the structural organization of the injured tendon by implementation of medications around tendon suture. Methods: The experiments were performed on 12 mongrel rabbits aged 12–18 months, weight 1 850–2 000 g. Partial Achilles tendon injury was modeled after cutting it at 1/2 diameter. In the control group (1st series) stitches were not treated. In experimental animals we injected around the tendon suture in the 2nd series — 1 ml 1 % hyaluronic acid (Syngial™), 3rd series — 1 ml of 4.5 % three-dimensional polyacrylamide polymer (Noltrex™), 4th series — 1 ml 64 IU hyaluronidase/ml (Lidasa-Biolik™). The study was conducted by means of light and polarization microscopy. Results: after 60 days in the area of traumatic injury tendon-like tissue that contained diverse bundles of collagen fibers made of collagen types I and III formed. Maximum accumulation of collagen type III was detected in regenerates of the animals in 1 and 4 series. Destructive tendon disorders in the areas located above or below of the injury zone found in all series of experiments: the most pronounced in the 4 (II stage), less pronounced — in 2 and 3 (I stage). The growth of connective tissue that violates sliding of bundles of collagen fibers was the most pronounced in the 1st and 4th series of experiments. Conclusion: For restoration of sliding function of the tendon and for prevention of tendon adhesions can be recommended medications Syngial™ and Noltrex™.


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