Method of the computer optimization of fixing elements placing on the hull of the plate under rotational effects


  • Oleksandr Shaiko-Shaikovskii
  • Mykhaylo Belov
  • Ivan Oleksyuk
  • Olexiy Dudko
  • Yevgeny Bursuk
  • Dmytro Lenik
  • Mykola Shvab



computer modeling, extramedullary osteosynthesis, fixing elements, rotational forces


Objective: To determine the best options for placing of fixing and locking screws on the hull of the plate for fixation of transverse diaphyseal fractures to prevent rotational effects on biomechanical system «bone fragments – extramedullary fixateur». Methods: Using the finite element analysis we evaluated the stress-strain state of material of the fixateur at different options of placing for fixing and locking screws on the hull of the plate, and the value for linear displacements under rotational effects on the biomechanical system. Bust of possible options for placement of screws was conducted with using of mathematical tools of combinatorics. Results: The best options of fixation causing minimal strain in extramedullary plates if using three to five screw mount of each part of the fixateur to the bone fragments were selected. A comparative analysis of calculations in the case of tensile strain-compressing extramedullary fixateur under conditions of osteosynthesis of diaphyseal fractures and use the same amount of screws. General lows for location of the fixing and locking elements of a biomechanical system for strain tensile-compression and torsion allowing to improve the stability and quality of osteosynthesis for the treatment of transverse diaphyseal fractures of long bones have been established. Conclusion: the proposed method of computer simulation for estimation of the parameters of stress-strain state of the plates’ material under conditions of varying number and location of fixing elements for torsion. There were determined the most rational and the least successful versions for placing of fixing components inthe case of a preset number of them.


Mathematical modeling and optimal allocation of fixing elements on plate body in osteosynthesis / A. Shaiko-Shaikovskij, M. Belov, S. Bilik [et al.] // The Advanced Science open access Journal, CHINA. — December. — 2013. — P. 28–30.

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