Modeling of fixation with using of transpedicular constructs in the lumbar spine of the rats




experiment, rats, transpedicular construct, lumbar spine


Despite on significant progress in the development of vertebrology the problem of treatment of degenerative diseases of the spine remains relevant due to the significant amount of people suffering from back pain. One of the approaches to the study of the etiopathogenesis of degenerative diseases of the spine might be conducting experimental studies with using of histological methods to develop new ways for prevention and treatment of this disease. Objective: To develop an experimental model of transpedicular fixation of the lumbar spine in the rats. Methods: For reproducing the experimental model lab rats aged 5 months, weighing from 430 to 500 g of a population of experimental biological clinic of the SI «Sytenko Institute for Spine and Joints Pathology of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine». Surgeries in animals were performed aseptically under general anesthesia (chlorpromazine — 10 mg/kg, ketamine — 50 mg/kg). After cleaning of the operating field with a solution of iodine and surgical approach we exposed posterior parts of two adjacent vertebrae. Further we modeled violation of innervation for paravertebral muscles which usually occurs in a compression-radicular syndromes through the destruction of the posterior branch of the spinal nerve. We performed bone autoplasty. Results: For the study of the morphological features of the paravertebral muscles in cases of fixation of adjacent vertebral bodies there were designed an appropriate construct which was implemented to the experimental rats and tool kit for it. Radiography done immediately after surgery and at 3 months after it discovered the stability of fixation. Conclusion: The developed construct for fixation of the vertebral bodies of the rats allows modeling surgeries for posterior transpedicular stabilization, provides possibilities for studying factors affecting quality of fusion in particular the state of paravertebral muscles.


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