Restructuring of bone tissue under filling bone cavities with carbon synthetic biomaterial




experiment, rats, bone defect, implantation, carbon biomaterial


Experience of research and using of substitute materials in reconstructive surgery of the skeleton shows that «ideal» substitute for natural bone still was not created. So far as the problem of finding biomaterials determined by high requirements for them it does not lose its relevance. Objective: To examine the restructuring of bone in the area of implantation of synthetic dense carbon biomaterial. Methods: In transkortikal hole femoral defects in 30 white laboratory rats dense carbon biomaterial was implanted. For assessment of osteoreparation we used histological, morphometric and electron microscopic methods. After decalcification of bone fragments biomaterial was partially removed out of defect for manufacturing of histological sections (7–9 microns) which was stained with Veyhert hematoxylin and eosin. Histological analysis and photographing of material was performed using a microscope «Axiostar Plus», and ultrastructural analysis — with transmission electron microscope EMV-100BR. Results: It was revealed that under conditions of filling of modeled cavities in the bone testing biomaterial does not cause any inflammatory reaction in studied terms of observation (3–45th day) and does not lead to progression of destructive lesions in the surrounding bone. Since early periods (7th day) it was detected fibroreticular tissue formation of osteogenic nature and newly developed bone tissue on the perimeter of implant cavity, as well as in areas replaced with destructive zone of maternal bone formed in the course of the defect creation. On the 45th day nearly the entire perimeter of the cavity with carbon biomaterial residues newly formed bone in the form of bone trabeculae of lamellar structure located. Conclusion: together with other synthetic implant materials investigated carbon biomaterial can be used for plastic of bone defects of «critical» size.


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