Mechanical properties of the system «shin – fixing bandage» in cases of fractures of the distal metaepiphysis’ of shin bones (pilon)


  • Ivan Stoyko
  • Igor Subbota
  • Iryna Bets



fractures of the distal metaepiphysis’of shin bones, osteosynthesis, orthotics, functional stabilization, biomechanics, mathematical modeling


Rational orthotics is necessary for early functional treatment of fractures of the pilon. Objective: to study the mechanical properties of the system «shin – fixing bandage»  in case of fractures of the distal metaepiphysis of the shin bones. The study was conducted on mathematical models comprising a tibia, fibula, calcaneus, talus, navicular and three cuneiform bones, their articular surfaces, muscle tissue and fixing bandages of two types - cast and made of plastic materials Softcast / Scotchcast. Stress-strain condition of models was evaluated by means of the finite element analysis. It was found that level of stresses arising in bone structures and fixing elements in cases of pilon fractures stabilization using bandages made of cast or plastic materials was identical. Conclusion: orthoses made of combinations of polymeric materials Softcast / Scotchcast may be used for functional stabilization of pilon fractures.


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