Treatment of extra-articular distal radius fractures with the Targon DR Nail (intramedullary fixation)

Georg Gradl, Steffi S. I. Falk, Martina Wendt, Nadja Mielsch, Thomas Mittlmeier


In this prospective study 82 patients at the mean age of 65 years (range 17 to 91 years) were treated with the Targon DR. Inclusion criteria were extra-articular A3 fractures. All patients were treated by closed reduction and intramedullary nailing using the Targon DR nail. The major outcome of this study was that intramedullary fixation with a hybrid between plate and nail comes along with excellent functional outcome and very low pain. The minimally invasive technique allows anatomical restoration and safe reduction permitting an early range of motion. At follow up of 1 year all patients had a functioning joint and resumed their previous activities. In x-ray analysis all fractures united with a reconstructed articular facet without any steps. There was no secondary loss of reduction by treatment with the Targon DR nail. We had no cases of hardware failures, tendon irritation or tendon rupture. The Targon DR is competitive in terms of fracture reduction, maintenance of reduction and functional outcome.


intramedullary nailing; Targon DR; distal radial fracture

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