Surgical approaches to the knee joint

Igor Zazirniy, Vyacheslav Yevseyenko


In the past 10-15 years, operations on segments of the locomotor system have become widely common in both reconstructive orthopaedics and traumatology of extremities. The authors name several factors: firstly, an increasing number of injured cases as result of intensification of human life and sports activities; secondly, appearance of new types of operations (arthroscopic or total articular replacement) and new abilities of osteosynthesis (locking, with angular stability). The tactics of managing patients, which stipulate their rapid mobilization after operations, have changed too. Making any operation (osteosynthesis of fractures, removal of a meniscus or osteotomy), a surgeon should foresee further possible interventions in the patient, e.g., endoprosthetic replacement, and take them into consideration in the process of a surgical approach. The authors describe in the article the approaches, which they use and regard as appropriate.


knee joint; surgical treatment; surgical approaches


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