The analysis of the results of the surgical treatment of trans- and intertrochanteric fractures in the femoral bone of elderly and senile patients


  • Mykhaylo Poluliakh
  • Sergey Gerasimenko
  • Mykola Klepach
  • Igor Semeniv
  • Lyubomyr Yuriychuk



fractures, femur, osteosynthesis, elderly patients


Results of the surgical treatment of 62 patients with trans- and intertrochanteric femoral fractures, who underwent osteosynthesis of fractures in the trochanteric area with angular plates, EN8 fixing device or intraosseal blocking nails, were analysed. The patients (35 women and 27 men) were randomized into 3 groups depending on the way of their fracture fixing. The mean age of the patients was 74, ranging from 60 to 97. The received results essentially do not differ from those obtained by foreign researchers: 61 % of complications, the survival rate during the first year following fracture up to 77 %. The results of the treatment of trans- and intertrochanteric fractures of the femoral bone depend upon the supporting ability of the extremity and the patient’s activity during the early postoperative period and after his discharge from the hospital.


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