Assessment of the efficacy and safety of Etodolac in combined treatment of patients with knee osteoarthrosis

Vladyslav Povorozniuk, Tatyana Orlik, Svetoslava Krochak, Tatyana Parakhina


The article presents results of a study of the efficacy and safety of Etodolac versus Diclofenac Sodium in combined treatment of knee osteoarthrosis in patients of older age groups. Comparing values of the McGill Pain Questionnaire, the authors revealed reliable changes in rank and pain indices after 7 and 14 days of treatment in the group of patients, who took Etodolac. A reliable decrease of indices of the 4-component Visual Analogue Scale (VAS-1, VIS-2 on the 7th day of treatment, VAS-1-4 on the 14th day) was found out versus the patients, who took Diclofenac (a decrease of VAS-1 on the 14th day). The main group revealed a reliable decrease in the WOMAC-1,2 scale values versus the comparison group. Both groups demonstrated a reliable decrease in Lequesne’s algofunctional index scores and improved life quality values by the EroQol-5 questionnaire. During the period of observation, no undesirable phenomena or side effects caused by use of Etodolac were registered. Thus, the results of the authors’ own researches proved that use of Etodolac for treating knee osteoarthrosis was reasonable and had certain advantages, particularly in people of older age groups.


osteoarthritis of the knee joints; non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs; etodolac; pain


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