Adsorptive-rheological properties of synovial fluid in patients with gonarthrosis

Oleg Syniachenko, Lanna Lukashenko, Kateryna Golovkyna


In patients with gonarthrosis, indices of their bulk viscosity, module of viscoelasticity, equilibrium surface tension and relaxation time of synovial fluid increase versus indices of their blood serum. In such conditions the integral adsorptive-rheological properties of blood serum depend on the patients’ sex and age, radiological stage of the pathological process, presence of tendovaginitis, epiphyseal osteoporosis and ligamentosis. The revealed changes are associated with the severity and progression rates of articular pathology. Disorders in the adsorptive-rheological state of synovial fluid takes a significant part in the pathogenesis of tendovaginitis, bone erosions, changes of meniscus horns, intra-articular osteocalcification and formation of chondromatous bodies.


osteoarthritis; knee joints; synovium; adsorption; rheology


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