Lateral release and strengthening in the medial part of the femoropatellar joint

Elena Baburkina, Bohdan Simenach, Boris Pustovoyt


The purposes of the present work were to substantiate the necessity of a lateral release of the patella, to demonstrate efficacy of the above surgical intervention and reveal indications for strengthening the medial part of the femoropatellar joint (FPJ). On the basis of their research the authors drew a conclusion that strengthening of the medial part of FPJ had its own indications: a flat or convex femoral block. A small number of observations are explained by a rare occurrence of this pathology. The conducted studies confirmed prevalence of the action of the “valgus rule” in the joint. It is possible to influence the “pull” of these forces only by means of a lateral release.


surgery; dysplasia; knee joint


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