Histopathology and dependencies of morphological parameters of the state of tendon autografts of the anterior crucial ligaments in patients with a relapse of their knee joint instability


  • Valeriy Hryhorovskyi
  • Sergey Strafun
  • Sergey Bogdan




crucial ligament, knee joint, tendinous autotransplant, relapse of knee instability, histopathology, correlation of morphological characteristics


The purpose of the present work was to reveal dependencies between pathological changes, which result in morphofunctional autograft insufficiency in cases of relapses of anteromedial instability of the knee joint, on the basis of histological analysis and determination of parameters of a number of semiquantitative morphological indices, these characterizing the state of tendon autografts of the anterior crucial ligament (AGACL). The study material consisted of 30 tendon graft resectates, which were taken from the patellar ligament, semitendinous and gracilis muscles of the thigh. It was revealed that before the moment of
a relapse of anteromedial instability of the knee joint AGACL contained several connective-tissue varieties: dense well-formed tendinous tissue, which is partially necrotized; immature and mature fibrous tissue, whose structure is close to that of the normal crucial ligament; granulation and angiofibrous tissue, islets of cartilaginous and osseous tissues. AGACL revealed dystrophic, ischaemic-necrotic, productive-inflammatory changes of a low activity, which in the aggregate might compose the graft instability basis. Some pairs of semiquantitative morphological indices of the state of AGACL had reliable correlations with different directions, which had some differences in the femoral and tibial parts.


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