Mistakes during supersonic examinations of hip joints in young children


  • Oleksandr Korolkov
  • Stanislav Shevchenko
  • Tatyana Spiliotina
  • Tatyana Ermak




hip joints, supersonic examinations, young children


The study is based on a retrospective analysis of supersonic examinations of 2,260 children aged from 1 month to 1 year; 1,836 of the above children were examined in the conditions of the Children’s Consultation-Diagnosis Department of Sytenko Institute of Spine and Joint Pathology (Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine), and materials of the examination and treatment of 424 children were received from polyclinics and hospitals of almost the whole Ukraine. The article describes certain demands and conditions for supersonic examinations of the hip joints I children. The causes of typical mistakes were analysed. It was revealed that the appearance of mistakes during supersonic examinations of the hip joints in young children was facilitated by the following factors: violations in the supersonic performance procedure (according to our data, these are observed in 39 % of cases), mistakes in the process of interpretation of the sonograms obtained (according to our data, these are observed in 61 % of cases). Conclusions were drawn about a necessity to develop and introduce clear measures for a strict control over fulfilling all required conditions for supersonic examinations of children (licensing of all private and state-owned establishments; periodical checkups of all the specialists, who perform supersonic examinations of the hip joints, concerning their fulfillment of the examination procedure; combined publication of methodological recommendations by pediatric orthopaedists and specialists in supersonic diagnosis; holding of combined trainings, symposia, conferences at the state and regional levels for working out unified approaches to the interpretation of the data, which are obtained with help of supersonic examinations).


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