Study of secondary changes in patients tissues after posttraumatic extraarticular femur and tibia deformities

Konstantin Romanenko, Yaroslav Doluda, Ruslan Zlatnyk, Svetlana Yakovenko, Olena Karpinska, Dmytro Prozorovsky, Karolina Poplavska


One of complications after shaft fractures is formation of angular deformities. Clinical significance of axial infringement can influence on the leg function.

Objective: to study the changes which occur in the tissues of injured segments, they have influence on the method of treatment in patients with posttraumatic extraarticular deformities of femur and tibia.

Methods: we analyzed the results of treatment of 38 patients with posttraumatic extraarticular deformities of femur and tibia. All patients were examined with complex clinical, radiologic methods according to suggested plan. It included the analysis of general patient state and injured leg; X-rays with comparative evaluation of joints, localization and severity of deformity, state of regeneration process and bone state; ultrasound examination of soft tissues (ligaments, muscles); biomechanical studies.

Results: all methods of examination are described. The most significant secondary changes of injured leg are pointed out: the magnitude, type and localization of deformity; regeneration process and bone state; arthritis changes in the joints; infringement of soft tissues; changes in podogramme.

Conclusions: usage of suggested plan of examination of patients with extraarticular deformities of the tibia and femur allowed us to determine parameters of anamnesis, general and local status, secondary changes in soft tissues which have influence on the choice of method of treatment.


deformity; femur; tibia; plan of examination; secondary changes


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