Influence of a silicon orthosis on walking of patients with «drop foot»


  • Iryna Khmelevskaya
  • Lyubov Roman
  • Ruslan Boboshko
  • Irina Solntseva



silicon orthosis, «drop foot», of support ability


The article contains results of biomechanical studies of support ability and stability of patients in the standing position, as well as spatial, temporary and kinetic characteristics of their walking with and without silicone orthoses. Biomechanical indices of statics, particularly support ability and stability in the standing position, as well as temporary and dynamic parameters of walking, revealed that use of modern silicone orthoses by patients with “drop foot” pathology improved functions of their locomotor system.


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Khmelevskaya, I., Roman, L., Boboshko, R., & Solntseva, I. (2012). Influence of a silicon orthosis on walking of patients with «drop foot». ORTHOPAEDICS, TRAUMATOLOGY and PROSTHETICS, (2), 80–83.




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