Radial head replacement (literature review)


  • Igor Boyko
  • Dmitriy Shcherbakov
  • Vasyl Makarov
  • Gleb Lazarenko




radial head, monoblocal and bipolar endoprosthesis


On the basis of the literature analysis, various variants of the ra­dial head endoprostheses, which were used earlier and are now used in clinical practice, are considered: monobloc, individu­al monobloc, sectional modular monobloc, bipolar modular. The generally accepted classification of endoprostheses does not exist for the radial head — today they are distributed by de­sign to monoblocal and bipolar. Monoblocal endoprosthesis can be either modular or sectional. Bipolar radial head endopros­thesis has joint between the implant head and the leg of the hinge node, an additional degree of freedom in which provides the maximum congruent location of the head of the endoprosthe­sis during flexsion, extension and rotation of the radius in the el­bow joint. The biomechanical peculiarities of the functioning of different types of endoprostheses are determined, sort-term and long-term clinical results of their application are shown. The indications for radial head replacement are: the lack of technical ability to perform internal fixation of Mason-Hotch­kiss types III and IV injuries, as well as in the case of additional destabilizing disorders of the capsule-ligamentous apparatus, Essex-Loprest type injury, and instability of the elbow and/or pain in the arm after radial head resection, its unsatisfactory osteosynthesis, tumors of the proximal radius. The authors claim that in case of use of metallic endoprostheses, the radial head restores the valgus stability of the elbow to the normal level. From the first radial head replacement has passed over than 75 years, and the search for an ideal endoprosthesis is relevant. Despite the large number of designs and types of endoprosthe­sis, there is currently no implant that works as a natural radial head. All technological improvements are aimed at increasing the life of implants and minimizing injuries to the cartilage and soft tissues both during installation and in the process of work. 

Author Biographies

Igor Boyko

SE «Scientific Practical Center for Prophylactic and Clinical Medicine» State Administration, Kyiv. Ukraine 

MD, Prof. 


Dmitriy Shcherbakov

СI «CH № 10», Kryvyy Rih. Ukraine 


Vasyl Makarov

SE «Specialized Multidisciplinary Hospital № 1 of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine», Dnipro 

PhD in Traumatology and Orthopaedics 


Gleb Lazarenko

SE «Scientific Practical Center for Prophylactic and Clinical Medicine» State Administration, Kyiv. Ukraine 



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