Infectious complications of surgical treatment in long bone methaepiphyseal fractures


  • Iryna Bets
  • Andrii Logvin
  • Oleg Maliasov



injury of distal metaepiphyzes of long bones, bone and intraos¬seous osteosynthesis, infectious complications, extra-osseous osteosynthesis, tactics of surgical treatment


In recent decades, metalosteosynthesis has been used to treat fractures of bones, the indications to which are rapidly expand­ing, which is promoted by the spread of AO’s development. Along with this, there is a significant number of complications of metalosteosynthesis, first of all, infection. It is generally be­lieved that complications in the use of internationally recog­nized AO technologies are associated only with the low profes­sional training of surgeons, which is difficult to accept complete­ly.

Objective: to conduct a retrospective analysis of the causes of infectious complications after metalosteosynthesis fractures of distal metaepiphises of long bones and on its basis to deter­mine tactical and technological measures to reduce their num­ber.

Methods: the clinical material of the department of bone infection «Kharkiv City Multiprofile Hospital № 18» was used. The study group included 78 patients with infectious complica­tions after osteosynthesis of fractures of distal metaepiphises of long bones.

Results: the interaction between infection compli­cations and the chosen tactics of surgical treatment was traced. Among the most likely causes of infectious complications after metalosteosynthesis fractures of the pilon type are either tacti­cal or preoperative planning errors. In the case of open and high-energy injury, distal metaepiphises of long bones is recommended to give preference to extra-osseous methods of osteo­synthesis.

Conclusions: for the prevention of i infectious compli­cations, advanced understanding of AO technologies in the light of the biological principles of osteosynthesis, careful preoperative planning, technological support of operations, training of surgeons, expanded use of methods of extra-focal fixation with open and high-energy injury is necessary.

Author Biographies

Iryna Bets

Sytenko Institute of Spine and Joint Pathology National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, Kharkiv 


Andrii Logvin

CHI «Kharkiv City Hospital № 18». Ukraine

Oleg Maliasov

CHI «Kharkiv City Hospital № 18». Ukraine


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Bets, I., Logvin, A., & Maliasov, O. (2017). Infectious complications of surgical treatment in long bone methaepiphyseal fractures. ORTHOPAEDICS, TRAUMATOLOGY and PROSTHETICS, (4), 62–66.




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