Ventral and posterior corrective spondylosyndesis in surgical treatment of scoliotic deformities of Lenke types I and V: a meta analysis of literature data

Dmytro Petrenko, Andrey Mezentsev


Information sources, which compared results of use of ventral derotative spondylosyndesis (VDS) and posterior corrective spondylosysndesis (PCS) with polysegmental structures for correcting scoliotic deformities of Lenke types I and V, were analysed. It was revealed that application of VDS techniques for correcting spinal curvatures of Lenke types I and V ensured a higher value of the frontal correction, a smaller length of the spinal fixing as well as a smaller intraoperative blood loss versus PCS.


spondylosyndesis; idiopathic scoliosis; meta analysis


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