Pathomorphological changes in traumatic defects of the articular surface of the tibial condyles after implantation of autogenic chondrocytes, which were cultured ex vivo in experiment


  • Valeriy Hryhorovskyi
  • Sergey Strafun
  • Oleg Kostogryz
  • Dmitro Zubov



traumatic defect, articular cartilage, cultivated autogenic chondrocytes, pathomorphological changes, experiment


The purpose of this experimental study was to obtain results of the reparative process and morphometric parameters of articular surface tissues of the knee joint after their mechanical injury and a local implantation of an autochondrocyte (autoCC) culture on a carrying medium. The research was made on 16 rabbits, where a 3.0 mm cylindrical osteochondrous defect of both femoral processes was modelled with receiving of an explant. The osteochondrous explant was used for culturing the autoCC articular cartilage ex vivo during 27-35 days, after that an implantation was performed. It was revealed that a large full-thickness injury of articular surfaces did not restore by itself with formation of a full-fledged hyaline cartilage, but healed according to the type of an incomplete repair, that in terms of arthrology could be determined as progressive osteoarthrosis at stages II-IV. Implantation of ex vivo cultured autoCC in the form of columns on a gel carrier into the area of pathological changes in the articular surface without any special fixing apparently did not affect significantly the dynamics of repair of the articular surface damaged, and autoCC themselves died due to necrosis, lysis or apoptosis.


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